Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hey! I know that im not an active blogger so from now on...i will try to be an active blogger...I HOPE!Okay..ill start writing now..

1. TVXQ!
I really LOVE this group! TVXQ means DONG BANG SHIN KI!And that means GOD OF THE EAST!
They are disbanded during 2009 because three members of the group sued the company (SM ENTERTAINMENT)
here is the picture of them!

The second subject:2012 AND A NEW YEAR!

This kinda of my new-cool-awesome-refreshed self..I changed from being the 'over-excited' Izzati to 'Cool-down' Izzati..I guess? Hihihihi...This year im sitting next to my eternal bestie! NORNADYA ARIESSA!..we're sitting in the middle and front row..WOWWWW! Thats a shock because im known as the 'lazy' Izzati back in 2011 BUT im trying to change for better..
Its just the starting of the year but theres a lot of LOVE STORIES and HEARTBROKEN STORIES between my friends...MY BESTIES THAT ARE OBVIOUSLY ARE LOVEBIRDS ARE


Their stories:
They started out as a classmates and same rows of seats friends and because of Harits just came into our class this year and beacause we dont really know him at first but then we started talking to each other and HARITS became my lab partner and I often see NADYA looking at the back (Because Harits is sitting at rows back of us)...They started to messaged each other without me knowing...>_<..But one day..NADYA blurted out that shes been messaging HARITS..and I was like"what?Harits?" and NADYA blushed like a lot! AT FIRST,I opposed their relationship because HARITS treats me different from the way he treated,the opposite of it..I HATED HARITS because he's always scolded me but not now ....hihihihhi..after HARITS and I became BESTIES...HAHAHAHAHA..(I FORCED HIM INTO BEING MY BESTIE!)HAHAHA..I blessed their relationship...BUT HARITS doesnt have the courage to ask NADYA out so me,FARHANA,FATIN NAJWA and DAYANA pressured him to build the courage and ask HARITS to ask NADYA out and finally on 28th FEBUARY 2012,2:10 pm..they officially became a couple! I shouted with happiness!and of course their main event of the day is changing watch between them..HAHAHAHA...NOW..they are lovey-dovey~lovey dovey~ between them..and I hope that NORNADYA ARIESSA and HARITS IZZUDDIN are always together eternally!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Salah ke aku culik baby?

Dah baby tu depan mata ak,nak wat cmne nasib la..lgpun baby tu cute n comel.Erkk,xde beza perkataan tu tp point die ak suke baby tu..
Ok2..klau korg suke baby cam ak smpai kategori baby maniac msti korg stuju ngn ak

Ni gmbr baby tu,atau babies..

Ni plak gmbr ibu die

Gmbr bapak die,nmpk je tough tp msuk dlm keta muntah..

Comel sister die bwk blek this siamese from egypt,die dh bela lbih kurg 8 bulan,mse dorg kcik dorg comel skrg dh gemuk sbb my sister bg mkn sardin mesir,hahaha...

My sister ckp dorg ni adik beradik,tp disebabkan broncho(bapak) ni kuat mkn dr dopa(ibu) tu yg bdn die lg besar.

im very glad to have them..

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Always Considerd You More Than A Brother..

This a story about me and someone that i known for along time.
There is one guy that i'm really closed to.
He ask me to call him "oppa" cause we're both are a Korean fans.
he didn't know that I think of him more than a brother.
Then one day,
there is a rumour that is spreading the whole school.
Guess what?.
The rumour is about my so-called "oppa".
He is dating a girl who is two years junior than us.
I just can't believe that he didn't tell me about her.
Then one night,
he called me but I reject it.
I think why should I talk to someone who doesn't even tell me about his gf?.
I avoided him for weeks.
I hide from him in the hallway.
I didn't sit next to him in the class.
I didn't eat with him during break.
I didn't go to the sports with him.
For weeks.
Then one day,
he caught me hiding from him.
He confronted me in the hallway and ask me:
"What is your problem?"
My heart said "you" but my mouth said "nothing".
I just kept quiet.Then he ask again.
"Please tell me what is your problem."
Then the bell rings.I said to him:
"I need to go to the class now."
That's how it ended that day.
The next day,
he confronted me again.
He asked me this question:
"Please tell me."
I just kept quiet.
Then I couldn't help it.The tears are sliding down my cheek.
I explained to him.From beginning to the end.
I look at him after I finish explaining.
"I know things going to be awkward between us.I'm sorry."
I stared at the ground.Then,he said:
"I wish that you have told me earlier."
I stared at him with a confusion face.
"What do you mean?"
He sighed and explained.
"I like you from the time I ask you to called me "oppa" but I saw you hanging out with some other I didn't dare to confess my feelings to you.So,I figured out that I better find someone else.Then I met xxxxxx.So,I started liking her.I just wish that you tell me earlier.We maybe can be together right now."
I looked at the ground again.
"I know that things going to be awkward between us.I'm sorry."
I left him standing there.That's the last time I talked to him.
We still see each other in the hallway,in the class,in the cafeteria but just never talk to him.
That's the end of this story.
A happy beginning but a sad ending.