Monday, December 27, 2010

I Always Considerd You More Than A Brother..

This a story about me and someone that i known for along time.
There is one guy that i'm really closed to.
He ask me to call him "oppa" cause we're both are a Korean fans.
he didn't know that I think of him more than a brother.
Then one day,
there is a rumour that is spreading the whole school.
Guess what?.
The rumour is about my so-called "oppa".
He is dating a girl who is two years junior than us.
I just can't believe that he didn't tell me about her.
Then one night,
he called me but I reject it.
I think why should I talk to someone who doesn't even tell me about his gf?.
I avoided him for weeks.
I hide from him in the hallway.
I didn't sit next to him in the class.
I didn't eat with him during break.
I didn't go to the sports with him.
For weeks.
Then one day,
he caught me hiding from him.
He confronted me in the hallway and ask me:
"What is your problem?"
My heart said "you" but my mouth said "nothing".
I just kept quiet.Then he ask again.
"Please tell me what is your problem."
Then the bell rings.I said to him:
"I need to go to the class now."
That's how it ended that day.
The next day,
he confronted me again.
He asked me this question:
"Please tell me."
I just kept quiet.
Then I couldn't help it.The tears are sliding down my cheek.
I explained to him.From beginning to the end.
I look at him after I finish explaining.
"I know things going to be awkward between us.I'm sorry."
I stared at the ground.Then,he said:
"I wish that you have told me earlier."
I stared at him with a confusion face.
"What do you mean?"
He sighed and explained.
"I like you from the time I ask you to called me "oppa" but I saw you hanging out with some other I didn't dare to confess my feelings to you.So,I figured out that I better find someone else.Then I met xxxxxx.So,I started liking her.I just wish that you tell me earlier.We maybe can be together right now."
I looked at the ground again.
"I know that things going to be awkward between us.I'm sorry."
I left him standing there.That's the last time I talked to him.
We still see each other in the hallway,in the class,in the cafeteria but just never talk to him.
That's the end of this story.
A happy beginning but a sad ending.

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